Good Bye!

The journey ends

All journeys must end, and so it is with 90di. We had a good run of it, for over a decade. At the time of launch, there were lots of new things it had, like the multi mode of transport combined routes. And it benefitted the users a lot, to find such routes and travel better and save money.

But in the past several years official Railway sites have gotten better. They provide all those features, and importantly before the user is made to login, and so the need for this site has reduced.

At the same time, the API model never took off for India in a proper way, to support a travel search kind of a site. With the big travel players - including Airlines and Railways still (as of 2022) not having an easy way to provide their APIs.

Thank you, from the heart, for being a user! Hope it was useful. We hope you will be able to find a good alternative site, to plan your journey. Happy and safe travels!