About 90di

Company Profile

We are an Internet Company and aspire to develop modern Internet products with a special emphasis on being "local". Or in other words addressing the unique needs of a local community, which are typically not addressed by providing generic solutions at a world-wide scale. In the long term, the company intends to build Hi-Tech Internet products for both Business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) space. Its initial offering - 90di Travel - is designed to make the access of travel information in India easier.

See the 90di FAQ for more details about the company. 

90di Travel

90di Travel is a travel search engine for travelers in India. It aggregates information from all the Airlines in India and the Indian Railways. It combines the train and flight routes to show numerous traveling route possibilities to the user! Also it connects directly to the Airlines and Railways to get seat availability information in real-time.

The main features of 90di Travel are:

  1. Maximum Places: Find the best travel routes (including flight and train availability) between 4000 places in India.
  2. Maximum Choices: Aggregates data from all the Airlines in India and the Indian Railways. Hence makes it a one stop place for your travel search irrespective of your travel mode. We try to give you maximum choices/possibilities, by combining different flights and trains. Only when one has all the choices/possibilities can one choose the "best" travel route.
  3. Mixed Mode: If your travel route involves a flight and a train route, then it gives you just that. Just mention the from and to places (no need to bother about station/airport codes) and it will show you the various route possibilities.
  4. Easy Select: Filtering and sorting to  find the best route: 
  1. Map View: See your route on India Map. Specifically useful for train routes

See the 90di FAQ for more details about 90di Travel features.